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Monday, February 28, 2011

Cake of the Month: February

Well, this month turned out to be simply full of cake-making! So much so that I have a confession to make. I'm actually *gasp* a bit tired of cake. Even when it has chocolate. Shocking, I know! Don't worry, though, I'm still sticking with the project. I figure by March 19th or 20th I'll be over it and can make a cake for the Spring Equinox. There is going to be Spring, right? Anyway, on with the cakes!

BlackLion's Mom, who I call Jen-Mom, had her 60th birthday this month. We threw her a surprise party, and so we just had to make her favorite of our cakes: Banana Faerie Cake!

The party was actually on the Friday before her birthday. To make the surprise work, we had invited her over for dinner at our place on her actual birthday, and then a friend who was involved with the planning asked her out to dinner at the pub that evening. It worked! So on her actual day, we made her some lasagna, and more cake (chocolate this time). I didn't take a picture of the second one, for some reason. But it tasted good!

Towards the end of the month, a good friend of mine had her birthday. And guess what she wanted for dessert? A bunny cake!

He was a white bunny cake with vanilla frosting, and candy for the decorations. Everyone seemed to enjoy him at the party!

And finally it was time for the actual Cake of the Month for February: it's a Sweetheart Spice Cake. I made up the recipe. The flavor was delightful. The texture was a bit too dense - I think it could have risen more. I'm going to add more leavening next time. The butter-cream frosting was excellent. The cake got a good reaction from the folks at the family potluck. Here it is:

Leave me a comment if you'd like the recipe for the Sweetheart Spice Cake. I'm also looking for ideas for the March Cake of the Month. It'll be Spring, or at least close to it, so I'm thinking of cream and fruit of some sort. Not that we'll have local fruit yet, here in Maine. Well, anyway, please share your ideas! Oh, and note to self - I still need to buy a cake stand.


Anonymous said...

there are local fruits from the Winter Farmers' Market

It could be green frosting for St Paddys Day?

Maybe a mint chocolate cake? yummmm


Jet Harrington said...

Love the bunny cake! My mother used to make these for us, and then I took up making them for my daughter. We add fine shredded coconut to the frosting for fur. Yum!

wild zen mama said...

I love the cakes!!! Yummy :)) Now I have to go make a cake lol A banana cake sounds so delicious to me!!!!!!

Starcat said...

Thanks for the comments! Jenn, mint chocolate is a great idea. Mmmmm....