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Friday, June 04, 2010

Feels Like Summer

It feels like summer out there! Although it won't be official until Monday the 21st, the Earth is green and flowers are blossoming everywhere. I love summer. The warm weather is so delightful. This is a great year for birds. I can hear their beautiful songs everywhere, and we've seen lots of cardinals and blue birds, and even heard catbirds and a whippoorwill.

Here's a taste of what the family has been up to lately: reading the last Harry Potter book, playing with friends, doing some gardening, camping in the backyard, making movies, having fires in the fire pit, drumming and dancing, learning card games (like Whist and Pig), working on our new business, watching "My Name is Earl," learning about quantum jumping, taking walks, and cooking out (the veggie kabobs were awesome!).

We haven't been to the beach yet (since Beltane on the Beach, anyway) but I'm sure we'll get there soon.

We're looking forward to: a "physics of Funtown" field trip next week, when we get to explore how the rides work at our local amusement park; our Summer Solstice ritual and celebration; my brother's wedding in July; visiting the medieval world at the SCA campout; and a backpacking trip to Baxter State Park.

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