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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

OK, so if this works, for the first time ever, this blog will have actual real pictures! No, not just the little one of me up in the corner that BlackLion put there. I mean acutal photographs, taken, transferred and posted by yours truly! OK, so here goes:

Here is ElvenTiger, my sweet 9-year-old, who is as excited about the new digital camera as I am:

Here is Crow, age 11, all worn out from basketball practice:

And, at long long last, here is my Mystick Quickpaw:

Isn't he sweet? Much fun and
playing with the new camera ensues... But first I've gotta get to bed, I'm still sick.

1 comment:

BlackLion said...

You have beautiful ings!

Great pictures!